Disposal Billing Systems

Disposal Billing Systems is a program designed to manage customer contact, billing, and service rates for small to medium waste disposal companies. It incorporates an easy to use interface that gives the user instant access to pertinent customer information along with helpful flags to indicate possible problem customers and warnings to ensure that all customers are billed their rightful amounts. Below are some distinguishing charactersistics that make Disposal Billing Systems a time saving tool for the billing and customer service office.
  • Multiple services are possible for each customer
  • Rates can be changed in the middle of a billing cycle
  • Customer are separated into active (Pickup) and inactive (Don't Work) categories
  • Predefined reports are customized for standard city requirements
  • Extra pickup and vacation are automatically calculated into the customer's bill
  • Standard one month behind and ahead for billing, and past two months for credits is used in calculations
  • Current financial statments are based on bills vs. payments received
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